Welcome to the neighborhood! APEX is happy to provide all new single-family front-drive garage homeowners with a tree for their front yard.

If your home is a duplex, townhome, or single-family laned home, please contact your builder as they are responsible for your tree.

Select your community:

Prior to tree installation:

  • - Your Builder has placed and spread topsoil on your front and rear yard.
  • - You have taken possession of your home, in order to properly maintain your tree.

Please note:

  • - Trees can be planted before/after sod installation. Sod must be installed for more than 2 weeks to ensure no damage from heavy equipment.
  • - You will receive a confirmation email once your tree request has been processed outlining more details about this process.
  • - APEX completes two rounds of planting per season. The earlier you request your tree, the more likely you are to receive it in the same year.
  • - No substitutions are permitted.

All of the above apply to me.